This can not be our next generations’ new normal.
Use these YouTube challenges to have conversations. Don’t be afraid to tell kids burning their arms with an aerosol is all kinds of dumb.
I didn’t expect an ad for razors to make me cry, but here we are.
If not, read this and then talk to your teens and older kids.
Would You Censor This Video? | In the News |
Really YouTube? THIS is what you call adult content?
by: Erica Ehm
fat shaming on youtube
Watch this video and tell us: Is this a "bomb of truth" or internet bullying at its worst?
Do You Know What Your Kids are Watching Online?
It's a weeknight and you hand over the iPad so you can whip up something quick for dinner. But do you know exactly what your child is watching?
“Dear Mini Pops, please can I be in your group?” This was the beginning of a letter I wrote to the pint-sized cover band when I was nine