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Am I The Only One Who Likes Gwyneth Paltrow's New Cookbook?

It's All Good!

Beyond the never-ending controversy it created in the media, I have to admit that I love Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook. Not as much as her first one—My Father's Daughter—which is one of my favorite recipe book ever, but I still love it. I even rushed to the library on April 2nd and paid $35 for the hard cover. I was really looking forward to it, and I wasn't disappointed. Even though people seem to dislike the fact that she talks about her health issues, it did take her to a path of consciousness that she is brave enough to share with us. 

I particularly appreciate the foreword from Dr.Habib Sadeghi, particularly what he says about food: "Food is sacred. A lot of people think great flavour is an afterthought when it comes to 'healthy' food, but if we are to be nourished by food, it needs to taste wonderful. Food must be a pleasure-filled, spiritual experience. God gave us taste buds for a reason!"  

The book is filled with great ideas. I especially like the soups and the salads and their Asian twist—the simple technique she shares on how to make delicious fish roasted in salt. She also has smoothie recipes, healthy breakfast ideas, desserts of course, and even menus for kids. Written with her long time collaborator and friend Chef Julia Turshen, It's All Good is an appetizing and user-friendly book that makes you want to eat healthier. And why not try to eat healthier for the plus value of not compromising taste? We all need a few tips on that!
So why is the media so harsh on Gwyneth? All she did was to share the healthy recipes she created for herself and her family, following a scary health diagnostic that required her to go on an elimination diet: no coffee, dairy, alcohol, sugar, eggs, gluten, etc. She refused boredom for her plate and her palate. Isn't tasty healthy food that's not boring what we all want?
Thank you for the tips Gwyneth!