5 Easy Steps to Fabulous Crab Cakes

An impressive appetizer ready in 20 minutes

5 Easy Steps to Fabulous Crab Cakes

I always though making crab cakes was complicated because they needed to be deep-fried.  So for me, it became one of these dishes that I would only eat in restaurants, until I found the perfect recipe from Chef Carey McPhee of Virginia Beach’s Wateman’s Surfside Grille. With Alaskan Crab coming in season, impress your guest with this perfect appetizer recipe.

Step 1 – Mix all the ingredients for the sauce

2 tablespoon of mayonnaise

1 tablespoon of heavy cream (35%)

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

¼ teaspoon of black pepper

¼ teaspoon of salt

¼ teaspoon of dry mustard

1 teaspoon of fresh chopped parsley

½ teaspoon of Old Bay spices

Note : Old Bay Spices is a USA East Coast classic, you can sometimes find it in Canada, if not or replace it with celery salt—but it won’t be the same…)

 Step 2 - Lightly toss 1 pound of fresh crab meat into the mixture, not too hard since you don’t want to break the chunks.

Step 3 - Add 2 tablespoon of Panko (a type of Japanese bread crumb, available at regular supermarkets)

Step 4 - Separate the mixture into crab cakes, about the size of the palm of your hand.

Step5 - Bake into the oven at 400F, until golden brown, about 10 minutes.

Et voilà!

Bon Appétit!



Who Needs a Man With This Classic Tool!

The Original Swiss Army Knife

Who Needs a Man With This Classic Tool!

Of course, I am only kidding… Men love Swiss Army knives, the most functional multi-tool ever invented! And now, they even have a stylish new colourful collection for women, and another one with animal prints like zebra, leopard, tiger and giraffe, with the same great quality and all inclusive with the scissors, nail file, tweezers, a screw driver and even a toothpick.

The new collection ranges from $32$ to $80, depending on the models.

As a cook and a wine lover, I have to admit that I love having my Swiss Army Knife in my purse, ready- hopefully I will never forget it’s there when I pass security at the airport.

And for the kitchen, the cut resistant glove, another new addition to the collection that has become a favourite of mine, perfect when slicing veggies with the mandolin. (30$)

The Swiss Army Knife was created in Switzerland 128 years ago by Karl Eisener, to serve as a tool for the Swiss army and Victorinox is still a family owned business to this day. 


Five Snacks to Take on the Road

Road Trip Treats that are Fun & Healthy

Five Snacks to Take on the Road

I just love road trips! And I always try to bring some easy and healthy snacks to keep the whole family happy in the car.

When I was a kid, we used to go to visit my grandparents every weekend. We would leave on Friday after school and get back Sunday evening. It was a long drive that would take us sometimes up to 5 hours (like in the winter…). Luckily my mom always had lots of games to keep my brother and I busy - and best of all, special snacks that we were only allowed to have on the road, like lollipops, bits & bites, chocolate cookies and my favourite: Gummy Bears!

Nowadays, the health conscious moms we have become rarely go for such treats, at least not in the car… where the last thing you need is a sugar rush!

So here are my Top 5 healthy snacks to take on the road:

1. Lots of crunchy fresh veggies with hummus 


2. Mini ham and cucumber pita sandwiches or delicious quesadillas


3. A variety of beautiful pizza squares


4. Flavoured homemade popcorn


5. A bowl of fresh fruits

These ideas are so easy and believe me, they don’t take long to prepare. This being said, if you do not have any time, don’t feel like being in the kitchen, and/or just want to top up what you already have, there are lots of healthy choices you can get on-the-go.

In fact you might be surprised at the variety of snacks you can find at convenience stores.

And what about you? What's your road trip snacking strategy?