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God Bless Toopy and Binoo

Surviving The Terrible Twos

Siobhan, our youngest, is fast approaching the terrible twos…well, actually, I think they’ve arrived early.

She sits, hand in mouth, drool on chin, rash on bum, snot—everywhere, and she cries. She is cranky ALL. THE. TIME!

Wait, I take that back, she stops crying as soon as the Toopy and Binoo theme song comes on. Then she sits, and she watches without moving, until the show is over.

Then, she looks at me with her little, red cheeks and her tired eyes and she says “More Toopy Toopy, Mommy.”

The first time she said it, I had no more Toopy Toopy, but we found it online. Now I have about 5 episodes sitting on the PVR waiting for her to say “More Toopy Toopy, Mommy.”

Call me a bad mom, but the other day, she was so irritable I let her watch Toopy and Binoo pretty much all day. If I was in the kitchen, she sat on a stool at the computer and watched. If I was in the den, she watched the tv. Sometimes, she wouldn’t even notice that I had left the room.

Her favourite episode is The Magic Mirror; she actually laughs out loud.

As much as I hear people saying they hate Toopy and Binoo, at my house, they are saints.