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Black History is Still History

Talking Black History with Friends

February is almost over. Black history month is coming to an end. It has been a big topic in my house, and recently I took the conversation to a friend’s house in hopes of taking it to a new level.

After reading my posts on black history and lending me some books that never got read, my friend Kelly invited Rebecca and I over to further discuss black history.  When help is offered, I generally take it.

So, Rebecca and I (and my 1.5 year old) headed to Kelly’s to talk slavery, underground railroad, equality, and all things black history. Kelly had some print-outs for us, and was ready to get down to business. Only problem is, kids generally don’t want to get down to business.

So, Kelly and I sat with Rebecca and discussed a few topics. We talked about slavery and how white people owned black people. We talked a little bit about Martin Luther King, and we talked about how people are all the same on the inside.

I know Rebecca took some of it in, I know she heard us, and I think this conversation was a great idea (thanks, Kelly). I also think, Rebecca was distracted by her sister and Kelly’s son. I think she was more interested in talking about her new Geronimo Stilton book, and I think she wondered why we were having this discussion at all.

After a short while, we gave into her distraction and let her go and play. We hung out, the kids played, and we didn’t cover as much ground as I think we thought we were going to. I’m okay with that.

There is plenty of time for Rebecca to learn about black history, and it doesn’t have to happen in February. Kelly and I are talking about a trip to the Buxton National Historical Site where we can “follow the underground railroad from slavery to freedom.” Maybe Rebecca will find this more interesting.