Maureen Turner: We Are Family


Doggy Visitation

Our Dog's New Home

Remember when our dog moved out? I told you we would have visitation rights, didn’t I? Well I have a pooch update for you.

Recently, we spent four days up north visiting Angus, and  (of course) our extended family. I am happy to report that Angus might be the happiest dog EVER!

When Angus lived with us, he spent a lot of time at home alone, and now he spends most of his time outside playing. Unless, of course, he’s sleeping ON THE COUCH! He wasn’t allowed to do that at our house.

When Angus lived with us, he had a backyard the size of any average suburban backyard. Now Angus has 50 acres to play in. He and his friend Ace (another dog) even have a doggy pool!

When Angus lived with us, he had lots of pent up energy because we didn’t walk him enough. Now, he chases dirt bikes and plays with Ace. He runs for miles every day.

When Angus lived with us, he was loved. Now he has twice the love because we still love him and so does his new family.