Erica Ehm Exposed!


Backstage at YMC

What happens behind closed doors

by: Erica Ehm

When YMC started almost five years ago, it was just me - an exhausted, confused mom of a two and five year old, trying to connect with other like-minded moms.

Fast forward to YMC today - a vibrant, passionate community of close to 70,000 parents who connect virtually through this site. To say I'm proud is an understatement.

But what makes me pinch myself daily is the incredible talent I've managed to pull together over the years that are responsible for creating, brainstorming, building and writing this site.

Everyone knows Sharon, who started almost four years ago, when I begged her to work for me after she won our Yummiest Mummy contest. She thought I was nuts, but agreed to work part time as my assistant. Today, she's Editor in Chief of YMC

I met Karen on Craigslist. She rescued me from the hell of building the website myself. Today, Karen is responsible for our look and feel, and for writing incredible posts like this.

When Jen Charron joined our team a year ago to become Project Manager, I wept with relief. She has helped us to organize, divide and conquer. They don't call her a Control Freak for nothing.

Holding down the YMC fort on the West Coast is Eileen - who is loving her role of being the voice of YMC in social media. If you "like" our Facebook page or read our YMCBuzz Tweets, that's Eileen. Say hi. She's faboosh :)

And then there's Susie the Prize Queen, my sister in law, who has the incredible responsibility of making sure everyone who wins our awesome contests actually receives their prizes. If you ever get an email from Susie - open it quickly. It's got to be good news!

Recently we've had a huge growth spurt and have hired a bunch of amazing WAHM's to join our yummy team.

Haily Eisen beat out sixty talented writers to become our YMC copywriter. She makes sure everything you read from us is playful, smart and positive.

Gwen Leron has taken the load off Karen. Gwen is the talented technical mom, who builds all our blogs, articles and newsletters! She's also an awesome writer - which we're hoping to take advantage of soon, right Gwen?

And today, we've just added to the team. We are thrilled to announce that Katalin Inokai Pembleton has agreed to be our new Project Manager. Fully over qualified for this job, Kat is going to have our virtual office running smoothly and efficiently.

And then there's our bevy of beautiful bloggers. These talented moms, dads (and uncle) who share their personal passions and expertise on an ongoing basis - I see them as the soul of YMC.

So there you have it. A glimpse behind the curtain of the cast and characters of YMC. I call it my happy place. I hope you do to!