Why You Should Be Sleeping Naked

Take Off All Your Clothes

Why Sleeping Naked is Good for You | YummyMummyClub.ca

Craving a good night's rest? Take off your clothes.

Dr. Sarah Brewer, a U.K.-based doctor, says sleeping in the nude can be all sorts of good.

"Sleeping naked can regulate your temperature, helping you get the best night sleep," Brewer tells MailOnline.

To that end, people who sleep in their birthday suit tend to fall asleep more quickly and have a better quality sleep because of their lower body temperature.

While you're staying cool and calm, you're also preventing overheating which could inflame existing skin conditions.  

But get this guys. Dr. Brewer adds that women who sleep in their birthday suits are less prone to yeast infections and men who go commando reduce the risk of fungal infections to the groin.

Have we convinced you yet? Here are some other reasons you should sport what your mama gave you tonight: 

1) Helps men with testosterone levels becuase being too hot restricts production 

2) Helps couples bond and increase intimacy 

3) For those experiencing menopause, sleeping in the nude can help avoid the trigger of a hot flash. 

A study conducted by the U.S. National Sleep Foundation found that one in three adults sleep naked. We have a feeling that number will now be on the rise. 

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