Avoid Being Hangry: Healthy Foods To Fuel Your Day

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Avoid Being Hangry: Healthy Foods That Fuel This Busy Mom

#YMCCommunity member Shayna Murray shares how she makes sure she gets what she needs to feel good throughout the day and not turn into a "hangry" monster.

Shayna Murray

Mommy Outside the Box

We get bombarded a lot these days with information about what we should or should not be eating. It seems like every month there is a new "super" food and another warning about a food we should avoid. It can be a lot of info to digest. So, how do you know what you, and your family, should be eating? Personally, I have always lived under the basic premise of all things in moderation. I think it's a reasonable and healthy approach. Of course, it also needs to be backed up with some basic knowledge of what we actually NEED to keep our bodies fuelled up and running properly.

How do you start your day? A bowl of cereal? A coffee and muffin? I learned a long time ago that if I don't make protein part of my morning I'm going to be crashing (and starving) long before lunch hits. And, again, if I skip the protein at lunch I run into the same problem mid afternoon. I make a pretty good effort to make sure I get what I need to feel good throughout the day.

So, I was pretty intrigued when I heard about a new protein-packed snack product from...

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Visit your local Loblaws store to make adding protein to your family's diet super easy! Maple Leaf products like Country Naturals Turkey Burgers, Chicken Pepperettes, and Protinis are all smart ways to help fuel your busy days.

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