Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Healthier Options To Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

Many people have frequent sugar cravings, especially when they don’t have a balanced meal or frequently eat a lot of refined foods. Eating a diet that is rich in wholesome nourishing food regularly can lessen the desire for sweet treats. Many people look for a cookie or some other sugary snack mid-afternoon or late at night because their bodies are not satisfied and this can become habitual.

We often even go for a candy bar, ice cream or a brownie without even thinking or realizing that there’s an alternative. Including foods that are naturally sweet to meals can help to combat the craving for more processed sugary snacks. Things like sweet potatoes, beets, carrots and even onions can add sweetness to meals. Fresh fruit incorporated into a salad can also sometimes do the trick.

It is possible to reduce our cravings for sugar and to fulfill our desire for sweet foods in healthier ways. Great tasting healthy desserts can be made from fruit like cider-glazed apples that are simply steamed chunks of organic apples cooked in organic apple cider or juice. The juice is seasoned with cinnamon, vanilla extract and a pinch of sea salt and then reduced to coat the apples. The result tastes like the inside of an apple pie and is comforting and satisfying without any added sweetener.

Another easy alternative is banana ice “cream”. Puree chunks of frozen ripe bananas in a food processor together with a ripe fresh one. Add a tablespoon of the milk of your choice and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. The result is a cross between soft serve ice cream and a frozen moose that’s naturally creamy and sweet. For a variation add a tablespoon or 2 of nut butter which will give you protein, fat, texture and flavor.

If you want more traditional types of baked good like cookies, muffins or even brownies try making them with less refined sweeteners like raw honey, maple syrup, whole organic sugar or organic palm sugar. The last two are granulated so they can be substituted very easily, in the same measurement as brown or white sugar in your recipes. While these are all more natural since they have not been stripped of their nutrition, contain vitamins and minerals and are a healthier alternative to white or brown sugar, they should still be eaten in moderation. They are delicious and will provide a greater depth of flavour to your favorite recipes while supporting a healthier lifestyle.

Randy Rabney is the founder of and the author of “Delicious for Life: Your Everyday Guide to Making Quick and Healthy Meals” and is passionate about food. Growing up in New York City, Randy credits its diversity as an influence on the way she cooks and eats.

Following a personal health crisis, Randy became aware of the impact of what we eat on our health and the importance of choosing nourishing ingredients. Drawing on her experience as a trained chef, board certified health counselor, food lover and parent, she offers a variety of signature programs, both virtually and in person, where participants learn the key secrets to finally changing their relationship with food so they can easily and enjoyably shop, cook and eat! She is a firm believer that healthy eating does not mean deprivation.