This is How to Get Started Couponing in Canada like a Pro

A Crash Course in Canadian Couponing.

Coupons are cash. Want to reap the benefits but don’t know where to start?

Here is a simple crash course to kick off your savings journey.

Only collect coupons for products you already use and purchase regularly. In order to reap the most benefit you should try to be flexible with the brands you use but don’t clip and collect coupons for lunch meat if your family is gluten free, or juice boxes if you send water to school instead. It can be extremely overwhelming and usually a waste of time. These coupons end up taking unnecessary space and creating clutter in your collection, plus you’re not actually saving money if you’re purchasing items not usualyh on your shopping list.

Always apply your coupons to sale and clearance items. It increases your savings substantially, and ensures the lowest possible price. This process is commonly referred to as ” coupon matching” because your essentially matching up a sale or clearance product and coupon.

Know your stores policy. They vary by store and region. Look for things like whether or not they take printed coupons or if you can apply multiple coupons to a single product, also referred to as coupon stacking. Knowing the regulations to avoid frustration and embarrassment at the check out. The last thing we want is for it to be a negative experience!

Stay organized. Invest in a little folio case or organizer from the dollar store. It will make separating and keeping track of your coupons so much easier. You can separate them into categories such as; pantry, personal care, canned goods, etc.

Okay, so you’re ready. Now all you need is coupons right?

Trying to weed through all the different coupon and sample sites can be off-putting. Almost so much so, that you can sometimes feel its not worth the savings. Not to mention when you find a steal of a deal, high value coupon or sample just to find out it only available for American customers. The following sites offer an array of up to date coupons for canadian consumers. Some need to be mailed to you but others can be printed right at home!


Canadian Couponing Sites – An all around user friendly, and well thought out site. offers coupons, flyers, and deals in your area. – Websaver offers a variety of print coupons as well as an exclusive VIP club for mailed coupons. It’s also the portal to other coupon sites like Kellogs, Johnson & Johnson, and Jameson. – SmartSource has a HUGE selection of coupons but they are all print-at-home. – Run out of Ontario, Save a Loonie includes all the standard categories with the addition of a coupon match-up section for all the major Canadian grocery retailers, updated weekly. They also have an excellent Facebook page with real-time updates on all things frugal. – Smart Canucks features a blog style update of current Canadian deals as well as a forum section for members to discuss and post new finds. – Mrs January sticks out as a reliable site because not only does she offer you freebies, samples, coupons, and contests all in one place but she also teaches you how to reap the most benefit from your finds. This includes recipes, stockpiling, and other ways to save money.

That’s not the only way to save though!

Thanks to the technological advances of smart phones and other mobile devices, you can extend your savings even further. Below is a list of apps every couponer needs and how they help you put more money back into your pocket.


Essential Couponing Apps

1. Checkout 51 – browse deals, shop accordingly, then upload a picture of your receipt! The app will add credit for each product match up and mail you a check once you hit $20. What’s great about this app is they often include rebates on fresh vegetables, fruit, and meat.

2. CartSmart – CartSmart works the same as Checkout 51. Simply upload and save!

3. SnapSaves – Again, this app follows the same model as the 2 before it.

4. Coupgon – Coupgon allows you to “clip” coupons and keep them on your phone. Simply present them to the cashier and save immediatly.

5. Flipp – Flipp is essential for finding the deals you need, to match your coupons with. The app has an up to date and very large database of flyers in your area, with a built-in search function. It makes it easy to look up the products you need, so you can either price match with your favorite store, or visit the store where the product is on sale.

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