Your Pregnancy Week 5

Time to Choose a Doctor or Midwife

by: YMC
Your Pregnancy Week 5

It may have only just occurred to you that you might be pregnant. Or maybe it is just starting to sink in that that pregnancy test you took last week was positive and have decided to gather more information on the strange goings-on inside you. First order of business this week or next is to get yourself to a medical practitioner to have a blood test to confirm pregnancy. If you have not chosen a doctor or midwife at this point, it is time to choose one.

After that, you should probably just go about your normal business, maybe try to take it easy (that will be a recurring them over the next 9 months. Take it easy and go about your normal routine…what else is there to do, really?).

This week, the embryo is about the size of a sesame seed – go get a sesame seed bagel from the nearest bakery or deli and take a look at one seed. THAT's your baby. Now eat the bagel (and anything else you might feel like, since you're eating for two now!) and relax. Take it easy and go about your normal routine (See? We told you that would come up again).

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