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My dream of a life-long friendship with my midwife has come to an end and I've gone back to my OB. Have you ever had to break up with your midwife?
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Who do you trust to deliver your most precious piece of cargo? A Midwife or a Doctor?
Ashley Martin wants to tear the rose-coloured glasses off women expecting a fairy tale home birth.
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Coming into the world during the worst flood in Alberta's history, it's clear baby Lylah likes to make a dramatic entrance.
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Read this article to understand your birth options, where you can legally give birth in Canada, and how to choose a health care practitioner.
Women in the UK are revolting for their freedom of birth claiming after countless violations against their birthing rights.
Your Pregnancy Week 5
Your labour-saving guide to help you push through pregnancy. In Week 5, sesame seeds take on new meaning...
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What is right for you? It depends on what you plan and expect from your caregiver during pregnancy and delivery.