Sarah Deveau: Money Matters


Beauty on a Budget

Reconsider Your Routine

Just because you don’t need flip flop ready feet these days, there’s no excuse for letting yourself go in the name of a tight beauty budget. Here are a few tips for trimming the expense of your beauty routine.

Check local beauty schools – their prices are often significantly lower than salons.

Consider switching to a stylist who works out of their home instead of in a salon.

Make your own beauty products from pantry ingredients – visit this site for recipes.

Most major drugstores offer free makeovers. Ask for a fall refresh on your usual routine and select just one new fall trend product.

Sign up to receive coupons or advance notice of sales from your favourite beauty supply store.

Get together with girlfriends and have a mini-manicure or pedicure party – have everyone bring their nail polish collection to share.

Reconsider your beauty routine. As much as I love being a blonde, the upkeep for a full head of blondeness was getting outrageous. Back to my natural brown it is! Shave instead of sugaring, pluck instead of wax – can you skip the salon and do it yourself?

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