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Packing (+To Do) Will Organize Your Packing

So You Don't Have To

I spent the weekend before last in Montreal (J’adore la belle province!), and am heading out for a long weekend in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. I’m determined to pack properly for this trip, and then remember to bring everything home. I estimate I’ve spent more than $125 just buying Apple product chargers alone because I’ve either forgotten to take them with me when I’ve travelled, or because I’ve left them plugged in at the hotel room and had to buy a new one for home.

As I’m usually travelling for work, I need the ability to recharge my iPhone, which acts as my phone, schedule keeper, recording device and notebook. So, buying a $24 charger at the nearest electronics store is generally my only option, and it kills me every time.

So this week I downloaded Packing (+To Do), an app that lets you customize an existing packing list template or create a new list of your own. The lists are super comprehensive, and you’ll probably want to start from scratch or edit one down to fit your needs. You can also email export your list to yourself in order to have a backup in case you need an inventory of your luggage.

Other items I constantly forget to pack include the camera charger, headphones, enough books to read, shaving razors, and hair elastics.

Are you as forgetful as I am? How much do you think you’ve spent because you hadn’t packed properly for a holiday or work trip?

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