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9-Year-Old Food Blogger Banned

Truth From Tasting

Martha Payne is a true foodie. When the 9 year old from Argyll, Scotland started a blog called NeverSeconds, little did she know she would prompt a revolution of her own and gain accolades from the likes of Jamie Oliver.  

Martha had been snapping pics of her school lunches and posting them on her blog, which she used to raise money for Mary’s Meals, an international movement against world hunger.

Along with the photos, Martha, who goes by VEG 'Veritas Ex Gustu'—truth from tasting, described and evaluated the meals in terms of health rating, portion size, even pieces of hair (thankfully few!)... 

The Jamie Oliver protege occasionally raised questions about the food served. “I'd really like to know where the chicken [in a fajita] comes from so I am going to write to the lady in charge to ask. I know it comes from a hen but I'd like to know where the hen lived.”

Needless to say, although the school itself was supportive, the Argyll and Bute Council was less than thrilled with the cafeteria menu from Lochgilphead Primary School being made public. 

At one point the Council even ordered Martha to stop posting photos, suggesting it was a tad ashamed of what it was dishing up. Following pressure from Martha's followers and Mr. Oliver himself, council leader Roderick McCuish since revoked the order.

For VEG the grassroots initiative has been worth it. At the time of writing, her page on Mary’s Meals had raised over $125,000 in donations. So there you have it, one little kid making a humongous difference.