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Canada's Most Promiscuous Cities

Wealthy Men Probably Having More Sex

Which cities are the most promiscuous in Canada? Well, leave it to the "world's largest sugar daddy dating website" to find out. According to a poll by, which has over 1.7 million members worldwide, some cities are logging more hook-ups and sexual encounters than others. 

Any guesses as to where all the horny men are (at least the wealthy ones, anyway)? Survey says: 

  1. Victoria, BC 78%
  2. Ottawa, ON 75%
  3. Edmonton, AB 74%
  4. Toronto, ON 71%
  5. Vancouver, BC 69%
  6. Saint John, NB 68%
  7. Montreal, QB 67%
  8. Saskatoon, SK 65%
  9. Quebec City, QB 62%
  10. Regina, SK 60%

The least promiscuous places were Halifax, Calgary and Winnipeg. 

Though most of the 2,000 sugar daddies polled on report having between 2 to 4 sexual partners annually, 36 per cent claim to have "more than 7 partners per year," and they were most concentrated in the above cities.

“There is a reason why women get honked at or whistled by construction workers more often than men driving Ferraris or Mercedes," said Brandon Wade, MIT graduate and Founder & CEO of "I would imagine that a man who is wealthy is probably having more sex, and better quality sex, than a man without money.”

Do you agree with the whole money-sex correlation? Why do you think some cities are more promiscuous—or at least have a higher concentration of sugar daddies—than others?