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Is This the Quickest, Most Painless Way to Tie Shoelaces?

Bye-bye bunny ears...


Teaching your child to tie shoelaces is right up there with potty training and teething among the most dreaded milestones. But what if there was a relatively painless way of imparting the life skill short of nuking shoelace factories...?

Parents, I give you the Ian Fieggen, aka Shoelace Hack, whose method skips to the chase and doesn't involve any cute bunny ears. 

The Ian Knot has gone viral, obviously, since it's said to take about TWO SECONDS to achieve.

Watch and learn. At first, the sleight of hand looks complicated, but what if it's in fact revolutionary?

Aficionados of Mr. Magic Fingers claim his trademark knot not only saves time, but stays tighter for longer than all that conventional looping and pulling.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to practice to see if this method will work for my son who's all thumbs like his mom. Who knows, maybe the Ian Knot will be the thing to drive this lazy-ass mom out of slip-on Sketchers and back into Converse? 

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