Clumsy Kids to Clumsy Adults |
Many of us were clumsy kids who have grown into clumsy adults. But is clumsiness actually a disorder? 
Teaching kids to tie laces can be a dreaded milestone...but that may be changing.
My son LOVES books. It might be a genetic thing. I was a passionate reader as a child. It began with The Hardy Boys series.
As a parent of a child with allergies, I knew it was time to swallow my worries and let him go to a friend's house without me.
by: Alex Thom
Normal be damned! It's time we learned to love our differences. What does 'normal' in your house look like?
milestones and mentoring
Change—no matter how wonderful—can be challenging. Learn how your older sibling can help with a new baby by letting them choose the toys that will teach him.
Fisher Price Lion Walker Review
Kids think toys are fun but this mom knows a good toy will help her child reach important milestones. Watch as this baby learns to walk right before your eyes.
The Day My Son Did the Most Ordinary, Impossible Thing
This was one of many activities I had mentally scratched off as being unrealistic or unachievable for us.