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Adult Ball Pits: Stress-Buster or Grope-Fest Germ Factory?

Because it beats 10-Pin bowling

Ever looked longingly at your tots frolicking in a ball pit and wished you could just dive in and join them? Admit it; of course you have. Well, a UK gallery has heard—and answered—your prayers. A ball pit, strictly for grown ups, is up and running in London. 

Now you too can experience the euphoria that comes with splashing in a sea of rainbow-coloured plastic balls. (Being that we're all mature adults, said 81,000 balls come in a tasteful white.) Skip the gym, and pop by with some colleagues for some ball pit fun on your lunch break. Or book the entire pit and make it a date for 30 of your besties because it beats the hell out of 10-pin bowling.

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For those who aren't germ averse, the pit offers a novel way to blow off some steam that, one would hope, wouldn't be the pee and drool breeding ground it is for the younger set.

For those who would sooner douse themselves in Purell, think of the greater good. With every visitor to the pit, creative agency Pearlfisher will donate £1 to Right To Play, the international charity that provides sporting activities to disadvantaged kids. 

Sadly the pit is not a permanent fixture, and will close shop at the end of January. 

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Personally I'm hoping the idea catches on in North America. When I put it to our team, several of our bloggers couldn't see past the potential for perversion, while, conversely, this was a selling point for others.

What do you say? Could you be persuaded to dive in head first if, say, a certain celebrity hottie was present? Maybe "The Brad Ball Pitt." You have to admit, it has a ring to it.

Image Source: YouTube