new years update
Have you actually ever tracked your progress with your New Year's resolutions? Was your progress like this?
Disney parody of Frozen
From saggy boobs and yoga pants, from tantrums to visiting the bathroom in private, this parody of "Let It Go" will make your day.
Whoever says cartoonists can't be subversive and hilarious at the same time clearly hasn't heard of this talented woman.
Penis drawing
While this article is quite humuorous, please don't open this if your children are around.
kids acting out oscar movies
Creepy or Cute? The top movie contenders for the 86th Annual Academy Awards as acted out by kids.
difference between porn and sex
In case you've ever wondered what the difference is between real sex and porn watch this hilarious video that explains it using food as props.
Bust your stress and blow off steam by leaping into a pit of balls.