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Tot Found Chewing Condom

Dad in a McFury

The horror, the horror. Imagine taking your two year old to a McDonalds play area, then finding her munching on a soggy-looking condom.

Well, that's what recently happened to a dad in Western Australia. He said he was "disgusted" to find his daughter emerging from the play area with what appeared to be a used condom in her mouth.

Fortunately a group of local schoolgirls then came forward and admitted their prank: they'd filled a condom with ice cream and left it inside the play area.

"The students have apologized, expressing remorse for their actions and the distress caused to the family involved," said a spokesperson for McDonalds.

The dad certainly was distressed. He reportedly washed out the little girl's hands and mouth with soap and continues to monitor her health.

I hope he had the decency to buy her a sundae afterwards.