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Teacher Gets Healthy On McDonald's Diet

It’s our choices that make us fat

In a twist on the Super Size Me documentary, an Iowa-based science teacher embarked on an controlled experiment of his own: to eat a diet of McDonald's—and nothing but McDonald's—for three months straight. The results were surprising and far more worthy of exploration than that of the woman who subsisted on Starbucks food alone.

According to an article in Buzzfeed, with the help of his students, John Cisna consumed 2,000 calories a day, relying on the fast-food joint's online nutritional information.

For 90 days he followed the plan, which included 45 minutes of walking per day.

For Cisna, the 'diet' was all about balance. While he didn't deny himself quarter-pounders and sundaes, he was careful to stick to dietary guidelines for things like carbohydrates, fat, proteins, and cholesterol.

Incredibly, at the end of the experiment, the teacher had not only shed 37 pounds, but his cholesterol had plummeted from 249 to 170, with the so-called ‘bad' cholesterol falling from 173 to 113.

Moral of the story: McDonald’s isn't the devil you know.

“We all have choices," said Cisna. "It’s our choices that make us fat, not McDonald’s.” Amen.
What do you make of this experiment?