do McDonalds Minions swear
Are the cute yellow creatures swearing a blue streak?
healthy summer treats
No matter where you eat, there are always healthier treat alternatives. If you're looking for a summer treat, here are some healthy choice options for you.
by: Lara Katz
McDonalds Step-it Recall |
Health Canada, the US CPSC, McDonald's Corp. and McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited have jointly recalled this Happy Meal item.
mcdonalds mascot
What do you think of the new mascot for McDonald's? McCreepy or McCool?
In a twist on the Super Size Me documentary, an Iowa-based science teacher lost weight and got healthy by eating an all McDonald's food diet.
McDonald's: The Cheapest, Most Nutritious Food In History?
Stephen Dubner kicked up some controversy when he suggested that the McDonald's cheeseburger was your best bet for a cheap nutritious meal.
It's time to get your priorities straight to help keep things together when you think it might all fall apart.
McDonalds giving away books with Happy Meals |
McDonalds plans to give away 1.5 million books with Happy Meals this February.