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Neonatal Nurse Sues Hospital Over Racist Request

The KKK Manual of Child Care

A Michigan nurse is suing her employer for race discrimination. A dad with a baby in Hurley Medical Center's neonatal intensive care unit requested that no 'coloured' staff care for his child. Apparently in making the request, he also lifted his sleeve and pointed out a Swastika tattoo. Charming.

And instead of politely telling him where to shove his prejudice, the hospital went along with it. Not only did they reassign another nurse to care for the baby, they posted the following note to the cot, saying: “No African America Nurses To Take Care Of Baby.” 

According to an article Mommyish, nurse Tonya Battle had 25 years' experience under her belt. You'd think a parent in this circumstance would be more concerned with his baby's welfare, but then racism clearly warps your brain. Personally, I would have done my best to suck up to a nurse with this level of expertise. 

Hard to believe this sort of garbage is still transpiring in 2013 America. As the article claims, the hospital administration should have pointed out that it doesn't "adhere to the KKK Manual Of Child Care."

I would have been sorely tempted to post the following warning, "No White Supremacist Dads To Raise Baby." 

Incredibly, the nurse is still employed at the hospital.