I’d been quiet for a while, and my husband knows what that means. Someone was wrong on the internet, and I needed to fix it.
This was not a case of a cast and crew being blind-sided by the actions of a star. They decided to place their bets on her, and they lost.
“Privilege” is not an obscure word in our house.
Here’s the thing: the ability to be colour blind is a privilege given only to white people.
While representation of your own identity and culture is important, it isn’t enough.
Dismissiveness is a genuine problem in the medical industry, and African-American patient concerns are ignored at a higher than average rate.
Tony Hovater seems just like the rest of us, and that’s scary, because how are we supposed to figure out who the Nazis are now?
When you are a woman of colour, a community that is murdered at a much higher rate than the general population, you don't get to walk away from the politics.