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5 Online Resources to Improve Your Digital Photography

Take Classes From the Pros In the Comfort of Your Own Home

Do you have a new camera and you're not sure where to start? Has your camera been collecting dust on a shelf (like mine), and you want to shake the rust off your skills? Have you been shooting like crazy and now you're ready to take your photography to the next level?

Sure, you could always turn to Google and search for YouTube videos on topic (which may be fantastic...or not), or you could look no further than these established resources for online learning:

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1. The Actual Camera Manufacturers. Most camera manufacturers now include a learning section on their website. Check out Canon's Digital Learning Center and Nikon's Learn & Explore. All the content here is free for your consumption!

2. CreativeLive. The concept at is brilliant: unbelievable courses that are FREE if you watch them live. Missed it? You can always buy the course and watch at your leisure. Prices vary, depending on the length of the course. Check out their calendar so that you don't miss a live broadcast of a topic you're interested in!

3. You may be familiar with as an online learning resource for many different topics, but they have hundreds of photography courses as well. There are over 200 for beginners alone!

4. KelbyOne. I'm a fan of Scott Kelby and what he's created over at KelbyOne. Beautiful videos, top notch content. You can buy an annual subscription and watch as much as you want (pay attention for holiday sales - they often take $50 off the price), or you can rent a course for three days. (The rental option is fantastic and, in my opinion, one of the many things setting them apart from His blog and LightroomKillerTips website are also great resources, as well as his weekly webTV show, The Grid.  He's written many books on digital photography and his entire business is based on teaching people how to improve their photography.

5. ClickinMoms. Check out the ClickinMoms University for a wide variety of courses you can take on a full participation or audit basis. In addition, they also offer some self-paced courses to do at your leisure. They have great content offered, but the pricing can be on the higher side. If you're looking for feedback and an interactive course, this is for you. The interactive courses are forum-based, and some involve video, while others are just handouts.

These are a few of my favourite online spots for learning and improving my photography. What sources do you turn to?

Photo from Flickr CC: Cubmundo