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Raging Wildfire Creates Extreme Backdrop For Wedding Photos

And you thought your wedding didn't go exactly as planned...

When April Hartley and Michael Wolber planned their wedding, I'm certain that they didn't intend for the processional music to be interrupted by the arrival of a fire truck, sirens blaring. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened.

A wildfire was pushing closer to their wedding location, and firefighters arrived to tell everyone to evacuate (as a precaution), just as the bride started walking down the aisle. Firefighters allowed them to complete a much-abbreviated ceremony in 15 minutes, and then the entire wedding (reception, too!) was moved.

As the wedding party and guests moved to evacuate, the wedding photographer, Josh Newton, managed to get a few striking photographs with the wildfire and smoke looming in the background.

The entire gallery of wedding photos is lovely, and you can see them all hereJosh Newton posted the link on his Facebook page.

Here are a few of the most striking ones with the wildfire in the background:

The rest of the wedding photos seem to show that it was a special day, even with the unplanned relocation.

According to, as of the morning of June 10, 2014, 50 homes remain evacuated, but no structures have burned in the fire.

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All photos by Josh Newton Photography. Used with permission.