Superbowl Chili Bar

Score A Superbowl Party Culinary Touchdown

Superbowl Chili Bar


Throwing a Superbowl Party?

Obviously the game itself is exciting...if you like hot buff dudes in tight pants. What? Of course beer and a comfy perch to view the action is a must, but the essential element of any Superbowl party is...the food. It needs to be tasty and plentiful. Don't drop the ball on this. Like this cocky fool did. Check out his football faux pas below.

HE may have dropped the ball, but you don’t have to. To ensure you score a culinary touchdown at your Superbowl Party, serve up a super bowl of chilli. Well, several bowls actually. Keep it simple and economical by setting up a chilli bar and make it a team effort. 
The host provides the chilli. Simmer up a pot of your favourite recipe (you might offer a vegetarian version as well). Assign each guest one item to stock the chilli bar.
This list might include:
Crusty bread and butter
Soft rolls and butter 
Tortilla chips
Carrots/Celery sticks with dip
1 Green Salad
1 Caesar Salad
Diced shallots/green onions
Shredded Sharp Cheddar
Parmesan Cheese
Diced Tomatoes
Avocado Chunks
Sour Cream
Provide some additional snacks – assorted chips and dips, pretzels, nuts, etc. To keep costs down, ask each pair of guests to bring either
a six-pack of beer or a bottle of wine.
Down...set...hut. See you on Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!! The weather is looking clear and chili. 

photo credit: cheese! via photopin (license)


How To Host A Chinese New Year Dinner

Bang A Gong, Dinner's On

How To Host A Chinese New Year Dinner

Add a few Asian inspired elements to your table and turn dinner time into party time...Chinese New Year style.

Even if you don't celebrate Chinese New Year, it's easy to transform an ordinary week night into something extraordinary by incorporating a few special touches into your regular dinner.  Your kids will love it!

What To Serve:
Healthy Fried Rice
Your favourite noodle dish
Zesty Chicken Skewers
Chicken balls (my kids’ all-time fave) with plenty of plum sauce for dipping
Fortune Cookies

Easy Embellishments:
Red napkins (red is good luck)
Chopsticks - they may make the meal messy...but it's good clean fun
Red envelopes with money inside ("Hong Bao") – fold regular red craft paper into an envelope and insert a twoonie for luck.
Stream Chinese music online to listen to at meal time --> here or here (click play button on the left)
Do a little research before dinner and share a few fun facts about this family friendly holiday during your meal.

Gung Hay Fat Choi everyone!