Perfect Party Tips

Plan A House Party With Pizzazz

Perfect Party Tips

Most party guests would happily eat chips straight from the bag in a joyful, relaxed atmosphere than be served caviar and champagne at a party with no umph.

If you plan your event with "atmosphere" in mind, you’ll never go wrong. We want to spend quality time with people we enjoy; sharing a laugh, exchanging stories and bonding with friends is good for the soul. Throw in some tasty treats and a few cocktails and your party will rock. 

Here are some easy tips for creating a pleasing party atmosphere:

1. Leave as little as possible to the day of the party so you’ll be relaxed and ready to rumba when your guests arrive. For example, do your cleaning and party set up a day in advance. Also, prep as much of the food as possible ahead of time. Don’t be afraid to delegate. It's trendy to ask friends to bring food, drinks, pick up ice, etc. 

2. If you feel anxious about hosting, you’re not alone. It can be nerve wracking, but as long as you “appear” calm, your guests will take their cue from you. Even if things go horribly awry, keep your cool. Let’s say “hypothetically” somebody accidentally smashes the host’s Circle of Friends candle holder. The host should stay calm and refrain from shooting evil death glares at the offending guest. {Seriously, the eighties called and they wanted their candle holder back. I did her a favour.}

3. Be a visible guest at your party. Instead of hiding away in the kitchen, mingle and enjoy your guests. I mean really, if you’re not having any fun, why bother?

4. To avoid having people stagnate in one spot, separate the food and drink areas. This is a much more effective strategy than posting a “no loitering” sign.

5. Use items you already own in unusual ways. Not only will this save you money, it will spark conversation. I threw a red cloth napkin over a green patio tray and had an instant Christmas serving dish. Egg cup tealight holders, a fishbowl {new, without dead fish scales stuck to the glass is preferable} punch bowl, a hurricane lamp as a trifle dish, mason jar sundaes, etc. You'll be surprised what you can come up with. 

6. Invite FUN people to your party. Do you have a friend who is known for tearing up the dance floor, has an infectious laugh or a way of making people feel comfortable? PUT THEM ON THE LIST!

7. Check out Connie’s blog for melodic inspiration because music absolutely sets the tone. It's not only WHAT you play, but the volume is important as well. You should be able to hear the music easily, but it should never drown out conversations. Unless of course it’s Flo Rida’s "Low" and you’re shaking what your mama gave ya while fellow guests chant your name and egg you on. In that case, crank it way up and totally give ‘er. 

Happy entertaining! ~ Party Mummy


Forty Ways To Be A Fool

No Foolin'

Forty Ways To Be A Fool

For a reasonably intelligent person, some days I'm a big ol' fool. Perhaps it's because I'm exhausted. Or maybe it's because I'm distracted...that whole way-too-many-responsibilities-and-one-too-many-balls-in-the-air kind thing. Whatever the reason, I've been committing acts of dumb-assery all over the place. 

I may be forgetful and silly and downright daft half the time, but I'm not foolish enough to commit these fool hardy acts below (okay, maybe three, but I'm not telling you which). 

Here are forty foolproof ways to be FOOLISH:

1. Check your email on your phone while driving. 

2. Cut your own hair. 

3. Take on much more than you can handle. 

4. Put your health last. 

5. Take people for granted. 

6. Make up time lost by stealing "sleep" time. Sleep is for babies. 

7. Be sarcastic as often as you can. People LOVE that. 

8. Bail on social engagements. 

9. Skip exercise. Who wants to go getting all healthy and trim?

10. Send an email while you're angry. 

11. Gossip and spread rumours. 

12. Compare yourself to others. 

13. Mix business with pleasure. 

14. Refuse to own up to anything or admit when you're wrong. 

15. Spend more time online than with REAL friends and family. 

16. Brag. 

17. Avoid going to the doctor. 

18. Leave everything to the last minute. 

19. Pass the buck. It's perfectly okay to throw a friend under the bus. 

20. Assume the worst. 

21. Smoke.

22. Drink booze on an empty stomach. 

23. Tell at least one lie a day. 

24. Put plastic in the microwave. 

25. Skip reading the instructions. 

26. Respond to a sensitive email in haste without checking whether you've clicked "reply" or "reply ALL!"

27. Share a secret that is not yours to share. 

28. Eat processed food every day. The more salt the better. And water? Skip it completely. 

29. Give up immediately, especially when it's hard. 

30. Hide behind your keyboard. 

31. Use tanning beds. 

32. Believe everything you read. 

33. Cheat. 

34. Embrace envy and jealousy. 

35. Stand by and say nothing when you could actually do something to help. 

36. Over-pluck your eyebrows. 

37. Assume somebody else will take care of it. 

38. Tell people you care about how much you love and appreciate them...tomorrow. 

39. Watch way too much TV.

40. Make everything about you. 

Life is too short to be a fool. 

What would you add to this list?


March Break Fun For Moms

Taking The Madness Out Of March Break

March Break Fun For Moms

March Break isn’t and shouldn’t be JUST about kids kicking back — Mom needs a break too. So grab the phone and call your girlfriends because this March break you deserve to relax, reload and rejuvenate...Party Mummy Style.

1. Hook It Up: If you've left your planning to the last minute, it’s not too late. Call, Tweet, or email your gal pals now. Chances are they're just as disorganized and underplanned as you are!

2. Share-a-Sitter: Uncomfortable leaving your three-year-old with the teen from next door? Hold your get-together at a friend’s house with a great playroom and book two or three local sitters who can manage all of the kids. You’ll have the free time you need with your girlfriends, but also the peace of mind that you’re close by if needed. It’s also cost effective—(i.e., $10 per hour X 2 sitters = $20 X 3 hours = $60 / 10 guests = $6 per guest).

3. Be Responsible: If Mummy is going to partake in a mojito one night with the girls, organize a carpool or arrange for cabs. You could even plan a sleepover. A full night’s sleep, in bed WITHOUT a child draped around your neck and a dog whining to go out at 6 am would do you a world of good.


If flying solo isn’t a possibility, here a few ways you can have some quality adult interaction WITH your kids along for the fun.

 Salad lunch – Discussing Dora’s latest adventures over grilled cheese can get pretty tedious by Hump Day. So, infuse a little adult interaction into your week by inviting friends for a potluck luncheon. Assign each guest one salad ingredient (e.g., romaine, gourmet croutons, dressing, shredded cheese, fresh bread, sliced hard boiled eggs, etc.). The hostess provides the beverages, and presto — a tasty, healthy, no-fuss lunch and an opportunity for some adult conversation. Provide a kid-friendly lunch option as well. If possible, hire a sitter or ask older siblings to supervise the kids' lunch. Your kids will enjoy their special luncheon and some time apart from Mom too. 

 Mummy and Child Movie Night – Guests wear PJs and bring a blanket, pillow and stuffed animals. The menu includes simple foods like popcorn, fruit (for the kids), chocolate (for the moms...shhh) and perhaps a movie-themed drink. Set the kiddies up with a movie in one room, while their moms take in a chick-flick in another.

 Chicks with ChipsYahtzee! It’s Games night. Bring the kids, but if you want to focus on fun and not managing the children, hire sitters to chaperone and provide games and crafts. Guests bring a sweet or savoury treat and the host provides a signature drink for the night then let the poker chips fall where they may (and keep the potato chips where they belong—in your mouth). 


Footloose and fancy free for the night? Here are some easy and cost-effective ideas to give you the break you deserve.

 Serenity Now – An evening of wine and cheese, or sushi and cocktails. Leave the kids at home with dad, sitter, nanny or grandparents for this one. Hire two or three aestheticians or a masseuse for a few hours, and split the cost with guests. Check out local beauty schools or massage colleges for students at a good rate.

 Fun-do – Each guest brings an assigned fruit. The host provides the chocolate. Guests dip and dish the gossip.

 Miami Mama – Sip on some fruity tropical drinks, and hire a Latin or salsa dance instructor to teach a class at home. Bring the flavour of a hot Spring Break holiday to you!

Try to plan at least two events, one with kids and one without. It will be the perfect way to spend your March break, help you recoup and be a more relaxed, patient and yummy mummy.

Not going away for the break? Here's how to host as fun (granted, not as fun as going to an all-inclusive beach resort or escaping to a ski chalet) March Break Brunch with friends who are also stuck at relaxing at home this March Break.