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How to Iron a Sandwich

A grilled cheese budget meal for travellers

Picture this. You, hubby and the kiddies have been out sightseeing all day and you're all perfectly pooped. Everybody is cranky and you wish you didn't have to go out for supper. This grilled cheese sandwich recipe is easy, healthy, and cheap. Your children (little ones or teenagers) will absolutely love it. In fact, I promise they will volunteer to do the cooking and your hotel room meal will be complete in minutes! Make a quick stop at any grocery store. These items are generally readily available:

- a loaf of sliced brown sandwich bread.
- sliced medium strong cheddar cheese
- a small tub of margarine 
- tart green apples (one sliced apple enough for four sandwiches)
- aluminum foil 
- celery and carrot sticks already cut up.
- juice or chocolate milk
P.S. The only thing you'll need to bring from home is a knife to spread the margarine and cut the sandwiches.
Assembling the sandwiches is easy:
Tear sheets of aluminum wrap big enough to wrap a sandwich in.
Assemble each sandwich on its own piece of wrap.
Fill sandwich with cheese slices topped with tart apple slices.
Spread margarine on outside of top and bottom pieces of bread.
Wrap each sandwich completely with the aluminum wrap it is sitting on.
Most important Ingredient: Put up the hotel room's ironing board. Yes, you read that right. The. Ironing. Board. Now heat the iron. Hot.

Let each person have the fun of ironing his or her own sandwich on both sides (of course, the littlest ones will need supervision).

Unwrap, garnish with carrot and celery sticks, and eat. Betcha everyone will ask for seconds! And, best part of all? There are no dishes to wash!

P.S. Anybody travelling solo and staying at a hostel? You'll be both a 'Travel Star' and an "Entertainer" when you bring the iron from the laundry room into the kitchen to create your grilled cheese wonders.