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Five Cool Places To Take Hot Kids

Where To Go When It's Hot

This week is predicted to be ugly HOT. My baby is ok to play inside, but I kinda get cabin fever. So, I've made a little list of where to take kids on ugly hot days.

The public library. Air conditioned. Free. Great kids section of books, colouring, magazines. They even have reading time drop-ins. And your kids can be kids at the library!

Mall walking. Ok, here you have to resist the urge to purchase. Resist people. Stroller walking a mall is good sport (and air conditioned!).

Play date. Sometimes the best hot day entertainment is to have a buddy over to play. Break out the sprinkler, buckets of water, or the baby pool. (I've been hanging on to the baby bath for a hot week like this. I'll be stripping off baby's diaper and letting him go au naturel, toddling in and out of that baby bath in the backyard.)

Crafts in the cool basement. Get inspired with my Teacher Gifts post, to make some easy crafts with the kids.

Swim in the bathtub. Much like the play date idea above, cool the kids off with a swim in the bathtub. It takes the chore of a bath and turns it into fun when you do it in the middle of the afternoon, while wearing a swimsuit!

And remember, whether you stay home or go outdrink lots of liquids (both you and the kids), to keep hydrated. DS and I shared a sippy cup just this morning, because it was so hot and I forgot to bring a drink for myself. 

Stay cool my friends!