Library patrons asked to leave for odour |
A library delivers a message to patrons - be clean, or leave.
note found in library book
The sweetest apology note you will read, and it's from a child.
The library was my refuge - a place of excitement and a safe haven.
robotic programs for girls
These girls fought the "No girls allowed" rule and won.
hop on pop
Does Hop On Pop promote violence against dads? One person thinks so and they've lodged a complaint to have the book banned.
Unlike a traditional library, you don't need a card and there are no late fees when you use these unique libraries. Find out how you can create your own!
Summer temperatures in Canada can be hot, hot, hot! Here are some great places to take kids to stay cool, cool, cool!
The next time the thermometer reaches a peak, don’t sweat it out at the park or go stir crazy at home, pack up the kids and head to the library.