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Gratitude Meditation

Giving Thanks Over the Holidays

If you’ve read my past couple of blog posts (hi there, and thanks for reading), you’ve had a taste of some two-minute meditations to help you survive the holidays with your sanity intact.

We’ve figured out how to breathe deep and let go (Just Breathe podcast), and how to fight the fatigue (Get Energized podcast). Now it’s time to count our blessings.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep perspective during the holidays. When we’re in the midst of hosting the fourth family get-together in two weeks (I love you guys, really, I do), the dishes are overflowing in the sink, we haven’t done laundry since we finished our holiday shopping, and the kids are jacked up on sugar and fighting over who can fart the loudest, it’s not always easy to remember how lucky we are. But we are. There is always so much to be grateful for.

There’s a lot of talk about the message of the holidays getting lost amidst the commercialism and greed of our society, but we have the power to lead by example for our children. So even if you feel stretched and exhausted and would rather go to bed than play the tenth round of charades, take a moment to look around at all that you have to be thankful for.

Or if you really need a break, excuse yourself to the “powder room” to listen to this:

Click here for the Gratitude Meditation

May your holidays be happy, healthy and full of love.