Top Five Cell Phone Cases

Protect Your Phone; show off your personal style

Top Five Cell Phone Cases

I will admit it, I drop my cell phone. 

A lot. 

Because of this obvious character flaw, a cell phone case is not an option—it's a MUST. 

There are some important things to look for in phone cases, including the case material—they come in everything including leather, rubberized plastic, silicone, and canvas, and the access to all the controls and buttons—you need to make sure that your case doesn't cover up your microphone, your speaker, or your camera. 

But of course, since your phone is really your most important accessory, the one that is visible and showcased every single minute of every single day, it's also important to have a case that you love and that can show off your personal style. 

The possibilities are endless, really. 

Top Five Cell Phone Cases


 Casetagram—custom cases for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, $34.95. I absolutely love this case. So much so, in fact, that I own two of them. You can connect to your instagram account and choose one of your pictures or use a template to create a custom collage of your favorite photos. PS. I always get asked where I got it! 

 afterimages Vintage Deer Case, case for iPhone, Etsy, $14. I have a slight obsession with toile, and this vintage-feel case is right up my alley!

 Diagonal Stripe Case, cases for iPhone, Kate Spade, $40. I love stripes and the clean lines of this case make it the perfect everyday accessory. Check out the website—there are tons of different styles!

 Southern Belle Boutique Personalized Case, cases for iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola, Etsy, $50. There are so many options here, no matter what kind of phone you have. 

 A Happy Place case, cases for iPhone, society6, $35. This case truly is my happy place. I love everything about it—the colors, the elephant, the look, the feel. It's perfect. Be sure to check out society6's other cases—there are tons that I have my eye on!

So, get to it. Whether you like birds or airplanes or Moby Dick or reading or cycling or computers or cameras or chevrons or mustaches, there is a great case out there just for you!