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Tram Boots Have My Kids Ready for Fall, Winter, AND Spring

fashion + warmth = happy mom, happy kids

If you asked my mother, she'd likely tell you that I excel as a parent in many ways—I'm an excellent carpool driver, I manage to help complete three sets of homework each night, and I finally have a handle on that whole hair-brushing-without-tears thing. But, she will also tell you that there's a certain crucial part of parenting in which I am a complete and total failure: jackets and boots. 

And she's right. My kids are always those kids who are wearing too-small parkas when it's way too hot to wearing anything more than a hoodie. My kids are the ones wearing material that should never get wet during a thunderstorm. My kids are those kids who are wearing fashion boots in the dead of winter.

I'd like to blame it on being an excellent battle-picker, but there's really no one to blame here but ME. And honestly, it's not that I intend to allow my children to have cold and soggy snow feet. I think that in the early fall all the wonderful snow boots come out and I'm all "But kids! It's an Indian Summer! There's no need to buy snow boots!" and then the first snow falls and I'm all "Kids! You can still get away with last year's boots, right? I mean, we can go get REAL boots on the weekend!" and then the first white-out happens and I race to the store to buy three sets of waterproof/weatherproof boots and...they are all sold out. 

Obviously, I would have made a terrible boy scout. 

This year, however, I had plans to be fully prepared—to make sure to stock up on cute! (with girly and boyish designs, obviously) and waterproof! (for perfect puddle-splashing, of course) and weatherproof! (up to -30 degree weather, naturally). Four pairs—one for me and three for the kids. I mean, we live in Toronto, after all. You know, the home of the ten-month winter. We really need to have good boots in our closets—we cannot really get away with the fake leather cowboy boots that just look so cute. 

So, I had plans. Big ones!

And then.

Tram came to the rescue before I even got the chance. 

Four pairs of boots showed up at my doorstep. 

Four pairs of amazing boots. 

And I'm not going to lie, you guys. I was a little worried. Because I don't know about you, but as a mom of an almost 6th grader, an almost 5th grader, and an almost 2nd grader, there's hardly a school supply or a shirt or a pair of pants, or a pair of boots that we can all agree on. If I like something, the kids turn up their noses—"You don't really expect me to wear that!" I they like something, there's a good chance that I will cross my arms and shake my head in confusion—"You really think that a crop top is a good look on anyone?"



It seems that Montreal-based Tram has certainly done its research. They know that in order to win moms and kids over, their products need to be what moms like—super warm and durable and 100% waterproof. They need to be easy to get on quickly for hurried school mornings. They need to be able to handle several times of weather—rain, snow, mud, slush. They also know that their products need to be what kids like—super fun and funky for younger kids, but super grown-up for the tweens and teens. 

“As Canadians, we know how to live with the elements and with what the day brings, especially snow and cold,” says Dana Nelson, President of In-Sport Fashions Inc. and founder of Tram Footwear. “Inspired by kids’ playful energy and by urban life and fashion, our kids’ and adults’ collections offer Canadians the unique opportunity to surround their feet with practical comfort and style, without compromising one or the other.”   
So, it seems that come this fall, I may just prove my mom wrong.
And these kids of mine, well, they can't wait for some bad weather.