I wish I read a list like this so maybe I could be a bit more mentally prepared for what was to come.
by: Katy Hung
Jessica Porten claims in a viral FB post that her nurse practitioner contacted police after she sought help for postpartum depression.
Throughout my third pregnancy, I experienced debilitating moments of anxiety and sadness, and found myself unable to cope.
I got a little bit precious, a little bit too serious. And then an unexpected pregnancy sent me into a dark place.
It wasn’t until after the nurses came and went that I started to wonder if, like me, other moms were “faking it til they make it.”
This "mainstream" practice has no evidence of benefits, no safety standards, and little research done on risks.
Kate Spade and the Unspoken Truth about Suicide Ideation in Mothers
Kate was young, and I hadn’t heard that she was ill. I wondered what could possibly have happened to her. Then I saw the words: Suspected suicide.