We Need to Stop Making New Moms Suffer Postpartum Depression in Silence

Postpartum depression doesn’t discriminate.

What do Chrissy Teigen, Hayden Panettiere, Adelle, Tracy Moore, Heather Greenwood Davis, Erica Ehm have in common? They are all wildly successful women, and they all had postpartum depression. Postpartum Depression doesn't discriminate. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, if you are black or white, or any of the shades in between.

Postpartum depression doesn’t discriminate.

But we do. We stigmatize mothers to the point where they suffer alone in silence.

According to The National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP), maternal depression is a significant risk factor affecting the well-being of young children. It threatens two core parental functions: fostering healthy relationships, and carrying out the management functions of parenting. The result, long tracked in child development research, has been linked to demonstrable reductions in young children’s behavioral, cognitive, and social and emotional functioning.

In fact, maternal depression is a stronger risk factor for child behaviour problems than smoking, binge drinking, and emotional or physical abuse.  

And still, we stigmatize. Still, we make it difficult for new moms to reach out for help. The truth is most new moms need help. They need safe spaces to reach discuss their feelings. They need peer support.

Sadly, suicide is the second leading cause of mortality in postpartum women. We need to do something. And that is why it is SOOO important to provide safe spaces where moms can feel comfortable reaching out for help.

Peer support matters! Guess what? When we share and talk about things, it brings awareness - for better or for worse. Let's talk about breaking down the stigma around PPD.

76,000 moms in Canada will experience a postpartum mood disorder this year.

Peer support can reduce PPD by up to 50%! We want to do everything we can to prevent and support as many moms as possible, and this is why we have created a national online support group for Canadian mothers who are experiencing postpartum depression.

If you have a new baby, you can join either www.lifewithababy.com for in-person support, social events, and support groups. You can also join our online Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/PPDSupportCanada/

You know those fantastic ladies I mentioned above? The other thing they have in common is the reached out for help.

Don't suffer in silence. You are not alone.

Are you or someone you love thinking about self-harm? Click here to find a local crisis centre's number near you.

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Claire is the Founder and Director of Healthy Start, Healthy Future and the Life With A Baby program which offers local, community-based social events to build relationships, online support, and multi-lingual parenting programs. Claire is passionate about supporting parents, developing collaborations, reducing social isolation, and building a healthy future for the next generation.