Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Beauty Essentials

The Products That Will Have You Looking Radiant

While women in Canada spend about $10 billion a year on cosmetics, most of that is spent on new or fad products. But just like clothes, there are staples that must never be overlooked (like a great black dress or a really good pair of jeans). With these five products it will always be easy to do make up in a flash and regardless of the "look" for the season these make up items neither come in nor go out of style. Every woman should make sure she has these five products and, of course, know how to use them to their fullest potential.

Like all fashion items these top five change from season to season, think wool for winter and linen for summer, and should be adjusted with the actual skin tone as it becomes more warm later in the summer season and more fair in the depths of winter. Regardless of the season these five products will always be in chic and perfect for a fast finish that leaves the skin looking radiant and perfected.

Dan Thompson has spent many years as a cosmetics industry insider revealing the untruths told by the cosmetic companies. He is a constant media source as an industry expert and continues to lecture around the world including North America, Europe and the Middle East. Dan has helped develop numerous cosmetic brands and in 2008 launched Daniel Thompson Beauty.

Dan will expose the beauty myths the cosmetics industry is selling you every day and reveal the lipstick at a time.