Talking Turkey This Thanksgiving

Let's talk turkey about Thanksgiving. Sure, it's the day to celebrate all that we're thankful for and spend time with friends and families, but it's also the weekend where many of us are stressed because we're trying to serve supper while we entertain guests. We put together these simple step-by-step recipes to help you create a culinary feast.

From savoury stuffing to apple pie delights, it’s all you need for a no-hassle Thanksgiving dinner.  Now that’s something to be thankful for.

This Thanksgiving you'll be grateful for glitter thanks to this simple DIY centerpiece.
Here's something you can make in advance for an easier Thanksgiving Dinner
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Make this the year the only thing that gets stuffed is your turkey with these nine ways to savour your Thanksgiving meal.
eating too much
Thanksgiving: The statutory holiday for belts. But you don't need to overindulge with these sneaky substitutions.

From how to much to buy and how to cook it to safe storage, it's your top turkey questions answered all in one convenient place.
turkey kit delivered to your home
Don't have enough time to cook a turkey dinner? Now you do thanks to this delivery that will have you feeling thankful.
Show your thanks in style with these Thanksgiving printables including a fun set just for kids.
Grilled Thanksgiving Dinner
They said it couldn't be done but let me proudly tell all you nay-sayers, you CAN grill an entire Thanksgiving dinner on the barbecue.
Instead of spending hours in the kitchen, we're going to focus on family time because really, isn't that what this holiday is all about?
This year spark a conversation with your kids about giving back and spark a difference in the lives of families around the world.
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The trick to your best stuffing ever is by doing this to your bread.
While this scalloped recipe may take a little bit of prep work, it's worth the wait and will become a regular side dish on your evening table.
Don't let the bird get the best of you. Our Canned Soup Mom gives you step-by-step instructions on how to cook a turkey dinner your family will gobble up.
Stop the stuffing insanity. Cooking your side dish like this ensures your turkey won't dry out.
Before you go grocery shopping give this appliance the once over to ensure you have everything you need.
Use leftover mashed sweet potatoes in this sweet potato muffin recipe and freeze them for breakfasts and snacks.
It's an apple pie you can eat with your hands and so easy, your toddler can help. For real.
Don't squash your dreams of creating a dish made with love. This risotto may take a little time but it's an autumn flavour you'll never forget.
Give yourself a break this Thanksgiving and make a pie that is almost effortless.
Pumpkin Squares with Cream Cheese Icing Recipe
These simple treats are very similar to carrot cake. You'll be sure to win the best dessert of the night, fair and pumpkin square.
Here is a great fall comfort food recipe that is simple and quick to put together. It is the perfect family meal for a chilly fall night.
The easiest turkey stock you'll ever make. Seriously.
It's the dessert that requires almost no work and can be easily whipped up for a weeknight meal.
Grandma's Flax Buns Recipe
Warm buns slathered in butter and topped with jam. They are the epitome of love and fond memories.