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Thanksgiving Dinner Without The Fuss or The Mess

A Turkey Dinner Kit Is A Hit

turkey kit delivered to your home
Some days I complain about things that don't matter. I'm consumed by events and daily annoyances that really DON'T matter. Essentially, I'm grossly un-thankful. It's gross.
Then I give my head a shake and remember what actually matters. And more importantly, who matters most. 
Several brave women in my life are currently facing challenges that nobody should ever have to face, and I am incredibly thankful that I'm going to have two of them at my table for Thanksgiving dinner this year. 
Of course, I still plan to deck my halls in fall fabulousness and make my table look gourd-geous, but as for the meal? Ya, I'm going to let somebody else take care of that this year. I want to spend as much time as I can with my family.
Since time is at a premium, I've ordered a Thanksgiving Turkey Kit (serves 4-6) from Longo’s and Grocery Gateway. For $99 (which is what I'd basically spend anyway... or more) we get a seven or eight hour slow roasted turkey (6kg before cooking) and five traditional sides. The meal just has to be reheated for approximately an hour and then served. I'm really good at re-heating. :) 
We order our holiday turkey from Longos every year already (their signature turkeys are grain-fed and raised locally on a third-generation Ontario turkey farm and we've always been happy with them) but this year, instead of making the meal from scratch, I'm going to heat and serve instead. I can't even tell you how happy this makes me. 
If you're interested in ordering a kit, you need to place your order before October 5th by 5pm at a Longo’s store (or through Grocery Gateway if the Thanksgiving Kit is to be delivered to your door).
Since we're serving a pretty big crowd, we (my dad... he's the BBQ guy) is also doing an extra turkey breast on the BBQ, I'm making extra stuffing the night before and my husband is preparing his delicious blender potato cheddar soup. We'll have enough food to feed an army. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
~ Party Mummy
Disclaimer: Longo's is sending me a turkey kit to gobble up, but this is NOT a sponsored post. I'm sharing this deal with you because it's awesome and just what my busy family needed this year. The complimentary meal is just, well, gravy. Mmmmm, gravy....
What's For Dessert? Pumpkin Pie (of course) and Maija's Crockpot Apple Crisp!