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How To Spring-Clean Your Homework Routine

Dust off these Common Bad Study Habits

After spring break, we will be down to the last three months of school. Hard to believe, especially with mounds of snow still covering our city. We started off the year with resolutions around homework, but they didn't all pan out. Far from it.

Spring is the perfect time to start afresh. Just like neglected grime builds up behind the fridge, bad study habits can lead to piles of neglected homework. Here are 3 ways to clean up common bad habits around homework. Spick and span!



Your child does not have a scheduled homework time. Unless your child is super organized and motivated, this is a plan to fail.


Clean it Up:

Print off a schedule (like this one), and fill it in with your child. Include school and after-school activities. Assign a specific time slot for homework each day, or even break it up into a few time slots. You will see that it often doesn't make sense to have homework scheduled for the same time each day. Allow your child to find a realistic time slot for homework, and allow for flexibility within the schedule.



Your child hates every study space in the house. Even the kitchen table is despised.

Clean it up:

Talk to your child about making a fun and appealing homework space. Think about how much more you enjoy working at a desk surrounded by comfort items you love. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:



Your child can't do homework, because textbooks were left at school.

Clean it up:

Consider borrowing a set of textbooks to keep at home. Sometimes schools will lend out extra copies, and sometimes public libraries will have copies you will have to remember to renew. It cleans up one more hurdle to completing homework.


I hope these cleaning tips put a little spring into your last three months of school!

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