5 Unexpected Storage Solutions For Kids' Books

Forget expensive bookcases! Borrow these items from your kitchen and garden.

5 Unexpected Storage Solutions For Kids' Books

I love having children's books around the house. No doubt those little volumes have educated and inspired us. They have also driven me bonkers. Floppy softcovers get lost in bookcases, or end up forgotten in a pile of clutter. Small board books take up prime space in our living room. Library books get misplaced, because they were shelved deep in a toy bin. 

Searching for solutions on pinterest, I was surprised to find these clever ideas borrowed from kitchen and garden items. Not only are they inexpensive and practical, they are fun and stylish. 

I've rounded up five unexpected ways to control book clutter using everyday kitchen and garden items. Check them out! 

1. Here's the ikea kitchen cart my kids and I love wheeling around the house.

We love the fun colour, and our softcover books are now easy to find in one place. Floppy spines stand up well, thanks to these simple ikea bookends. Unit was simple to assemble, and cost was $69.99.

2. Dish rack isn't just for drying dishes.

I love the idea of using the cutlery bin for crayons and scissors. You could use the rack for colouring books, activity books, or soft covers. The wires help to hold children's books in place.

3. Wheel them in a wagon.

I love the look of this old-fashioned wagon, but you could also borrow a small wagon from your garden. Not only does this practical solution help prevent unsightly pile-ups, but it's so much fun to steer books around. Talk about inspiring a love of reading!

4. Simple, inexpensive wire baskets.

Sturdy and portable, these baskets are likely somewhere in your kitchen or garden. Who knew they also made great book storage? I like them for piling board books, especially for carrying our favourites up to bed.

5. Wooden crates

Really any old wooden crate will do, and the more rustic-looking the better. I have seen lots of examples of wooden crates used for kids' books, and they work well standing up or flipped on their side. Design sites call them "shabby chic." 

Organizing your kids' books doesn't have to be boring and stressful. Look around your kitchen and garden for inspiration, and involve the kids. Definitely the best part is watching your kids get excited as they rediscover their lost books.

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