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There's a Monster at the End of this IPAD

Grover reads to your kids while you.....

WHAT DID THAT SAY? Did that say there will be a Monster at the end of this book  ipad? Oh, I am so scared of Monsters!!! So please do not turn this page  post. 

My kids love turning the pages of this classic Grover book. I have adored "The Monster at the End of this Book" since I was four years old. Did you know it sold over 2 million copies in 1971?  

I want to tell you about the ipad version of "The Monster at the End of this Book." Grover talks to your kids!

He pleads with them NOT to turn the pages, because that brings Grover closer to the monster at the end of the book. Alas, kids don't listen to Grover's pleas, so he ties pages together with a rope and builds a brick wall from scratch. Poor Grover! Kids untie the knots on the screen, and break down the brick wall. So much fun for the kids! But not for Grover.


What's great about The Monster at the End of the Book app:

Begins to build reading skills: Words in the text are highlighted as Grover speaks, making it easy for children to follow along.

Book comes alive: Kids can turn pages, untie knots, pull down nails, and knock down walls. Grover gets really upset every time that happens, but it's a great way to turn kids on to books.

Built-in tips for parents: Included are topics for discussion to share with your kids.

Five minutes or more FOR YOU! That's about as long as it takes Grover to talk to your kids while you________. They will probably want to to listen over and over again. (Yay, sanity break!)

By the way, you don't have to get rid of your book. It is a classic, after all.  


Check it out on itunes.