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Beware This Serious Bouncy Castle Danger

Freak incident or gross negligence?

Girl dies in bouncy castle accident |

It may be the kid staple of outdoor fairs, yet a bouncy castle was to blame for the recent death of a seven year-old girl in England. 

For some reason Summer Grant was the only child inside the inflatable when high winds pulled out he ground stakes and carried the castle 150 metres across Essex's Harlow Town Park. The girl suffered multiple injuries and later died in hospital. 

Two employees of the inflatables company have since been arrested and charged with gross negligence. 

Safety experts warn that inflatables should not be erected when gusts exceed "Force 5 on the Beaufort scale." And police are currently conducting a lengthy investigation into the weather and ground conditions that day. 

Sadly, it's not the first time inflatables have become untethered and airborne. It's not even the first time there has been an incident at this particular fair. Last year, a castle at the same location collapsed with children inside. 

Clearly this tragedy is not a freak accident, but a big red flag alerting us all to the need for more stringent regulations on outdoor inflatables. 

While I don't think the answer is a blanket ban on bouncy castles, fun should never have to come at the expense of safety. 

As a mom, this story has lodged in my memory. The next time my son begs to bounce at a summertime fair, I admit I will think twice. 

Our thoughts go out to Summer's family. Losing a child this way is devastating and unfathomable.

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