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Mass Easter Hunt Spoiled by Few Rotten Eggs

Broken baskets and crying children

Easter Egg Hunt Gone Wrong |

Easter... isn't it sweet - what with Spring in the air and bunnies hopping everywhere? Not so much in Connecticut, where a mass hunt organized by PEZ was called off thanks to a few rotten eggs.

For the third year running, the candy company planted some 9,000 treats in fields for children to find. Organizers sensibly separated the hunts according to age group, so that wee ones wouldn't be competing with older kids for the free goodies.

The hunts were to end with a visit from the big bunny himself. So far, so sugary sweet.

Except the day never got that far. The hunt ended in disappointment after a few bad eggs - aka parents - stormed the field prematurely, elbowing children as young as four out of the way.

"When it came time, at like 10:30 a.m., the parents just bum-rushed that area," said resident Nicole Welch. "When my son left, he had a broken basket, and he was hysterically crying."

PEZ staff responded to the situation, handing out coupons and promising to compensate those who hadn't received any candy.

And disgruntled parents like Susan Kristie Nadori DeRose took to the company's Facebook page to voice complaints. "We have a  three year-old. The parents first of all were letting their uncontrolled children pick up eggs prior to the start. Then when the event started all the parents rushed in and we're picking up the eggs." 

But that's hardly the fault of PEZ now, is it? I wouldn't be at all be surprised if this was the third and final hunt. Clearly no one can have nice things when grown ups can't act their age. 

No arrests were made, no injuries sustained. Still, the Easter debacle speaks volumes about the kind of world we live in when adults turn to savages over a few candy eggs. 

And people talk of kids these days being greedy and entitled. 

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