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Toy Maker Launches Dolls With a Difference

At Last A #ToyLikeMe

You know what they say: If toy manufacturers can't get it right, do it yourself. Or something to that effect. 

A British company fed up with the lack of diversity in children's dolls decided to do what the big brands have failed to deliver so far. 

A campaign on social media under the #ToyLikeMe hashtag caught the attention of Makies!, which took it upon themselves to fill the manufacturing void. 

"We put a bunch of things on hold and jumped into designing toy hearing aids, toy walking aids, working out how to do facial birthmarks," said a statement on the toy maker's website.

A doll in a wheelchair is also in the works. 

And parents couldn't be happier.

A makeover of the Barbie prototype has been a long time coming, but clearly the likes of the bigger toy companies weren't "down" with a line of dolls with disabilities - strange, given that there are apparently more than 770,000 children with disabilities in the UK alone (where Makies originate) - that's roughly one in 20 children.

Being different in any way is a huge deal as a child, when all you want is to be exactly like everybody else. So it follows that having a doll in their own image "normalizes" that difference, and shows kids that you don't have to fit into a set mold to be awesome. 

Any doll that helps children love and accept themselves as they are is a monumental step in the right direction in this Mama's books.


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