We not only have the power, but the responsibility to offer protection and compassion to those who need it.
The first day of school can be a happy one for everyone, including those with special needs, with the right tools in place.
I’m fat. And I’m disabled. Fat is not my disability. But when fat people are also disabled, the two tend to merge in the minds of casual observers.
Going out for family fun can be a challenge when your child is autistic. Here's a list of autism friendly attractions in Ontario and Canada that can help make planning easy! | YMC
A list of autism friendly attractions so all kids can enjoy experiencing new things.
Advocating for a child with special needs, can be difficult, exhausting, overwhelming. But the important thing to remember is you're working together. | Parenting | YummyMummyClub.ca
Advocating for your child with special needs is easier when you do this.
Kylie Jenner on Interview Magazine cover | YummyMummyClub.ca
Looks like Kylie Jenner missed the "wheelchairs are not props" memo.
Dream Serenade
Shining a spotlight on special needs with a night out you won't forget.
No word is just a word: it is a conscious choice that comes with responsibility and impact.