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Mom Bites Off Dog’s Ear To Save Daughter

You do whatever you can

pitbull attack on little girl

We'd risk our lives for our kids in a heartbeat, yet few of us actually get put to the test. Not so for a Texan mom, who was forced to react, Tyson-style, when her toddler was attacked by a pit bull.

According to an article in Today, Chelsi Camp launched a counterattack against the dog, biting its ear off to save her two-year-old daughter, Mackenzi Plass.

"You do whatever you can," Camp said. "I don't have physical strength at my side."

Apparently, Camp was pet-sitting the pit, which belonged to Camp’s boyfriend. It had always been friendly until it smelled Camp's dog on Mackenzi and turned aggressive.

Camp claims she did what she could to protect her daughter, shoving her fist in the dog's mouth then biting off its ear. She ordered her daughter to run away and to turn on her side so as not to choke on blood. 

Mackenzi was rushed to intensive care and underwent extensive surgery. She is healing nicely, though she has been advised to keep out of sunlight to minimize scarring. Emergency workers were horrified by the vicious attack.

The pit was shot, and later euthanized.

Why did people rally together to save this dog after it attacked a child?