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Finally, a Kama Sutra Guide for Married People

Everybody has their favourite "position"

Not sure what to give that new couple for their wedding? Throw the registry out the window, and give the gift that keeps on giving. No, not the 'Joy of Sex. What today's newlyweds truly need is a copy of the Married Kama Sutra - aka "the world's least erotic sex manual."

Not only are the series of images hilarious, they offer a unique insight into married life. (And sorry for the spoiler in case you were still clinging to the idea that wedded bliss was all champagne and roses.)

Being married is the bees knees, don't get me wrong. Having done the deed over 15 years ago, I happen to be one of the last remaining fans of the institution. 

Yet living with the same person day after day, different things turn you on, as the creators, Simon Rich and Farley Katz, are well aware. Originally featured in The New Yorker in the 2012, the "Sutra" has been refreshed.

It goes without saying, among the 64 positions everyone will have their personal favourites: mine are The Dishwasher Position ("when the man is loading the dishwasher and the woman must come over because he is loading it wrong") and The Beaching of the Whales ("when the man and the woman have eaten Indian food, and are too swollen with rice to make conversation, let alone love.")

But the pose parents will relate to most has to be The Interrupted Congress.
Spill it: What's your favourite married "position"?
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